Easy way to convert visitors into followers & subscribers

Display your latest posts and newsletters, on the web or in-app.

Showcase the quality of your content = get more fans

Quality content deserves a wider audience. Fancify is a powerful content amplifier. Showcasing your latest posts and newsletters will translate more visitors into followers.


In the footer

Give meaning to your social icons.


Fixed in the corner

Subtle push to grab attention.


In a sign-up form

Prove to new users why they should say yes to your newsletter option.


In a checkout page

Convince buyers to also subscribe to your emails during checkout.


Directly inside a page

Way more powerful than just a motionless call-to-action.


In a mobile app

Place fancify anywhere inside your app with WebView.

Here's where adding fancify can pay off

You can integrate fancify into pretty much anything, thanks to our many templates and our custom HTML option.

Create many for free

All those extra toppings

Awesome features that push the possibilities with fancify even further.

Brand customization

Keep your branding consistent. You can easily tailor the look and feel of the widget to resonate with your brand's voice and aesthetics.

Multiple languages

Reach English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and Korean speakers.

A/B testing built-in

With our built-in A/B testing tool, you can experiment to see what converts the most.

Downloadable PDFs, ebooks, etc.

Provide value straight from the widget. Offer e-books, content guides, or any downloadable content to incentivize and engage your followers further.

Ice cream-smooth creation & integration

Simple web editor

Craft and customize your widget in minutes, no coding required.

Embed into anything

From blogs to e-commerce platforms, our showcase integrates smoothly using a simple script.

🚫 No tracking philosophy

Absolutely anonymous

All measurements are carried out 100% anonymously. No cross-site tracking.

We don't sell data

Your trust is paramount. We make a solemn promise never to sell your users' data (even anonymous data).

Words we received

A simple recipe: create a showcase, embed it, get more followers

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